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Midterm 7 - Sojung Suk Rate yourself on A Do-It-Yourself...

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Sojung Suk Rate yourself on “A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Professional Socialization” (Chitty & Black, Chapter 6) and using Benner or Cohen’s model to discuss your stage of development based upon concrete examples of your clinical practice. Based on the scoring of 17 out of 20 possible behaviors, proudly, I am “a role model of positive action in your own professional socialization process” Returning to school was planned ahead of my previous school graduation because I wanted to experience more professional education and higher socialization. Participation is mandatory in our class and we are willing to help each other. Opposite to present score, my old schooling score was 7, which means having bad behavior and taking poor responsibility for my school because I did not desire to be part of the society. Half of the students looked not capable to pass classes. Some faculties are often not prepared for the classes and did not demonstrate respect for students’ time by showing up on scheduled time. Not in the school into which I had
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