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Midterm 8

Midterm 8 - Sojung Suk Discuss the concepts presented in...

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Sojung Suk Discuss the concepts presented in Chitty’s Chapter 12 that are new to you and write how they will influence or change your approach to professional nursing practice. In chapter 12, Chitty and Black illustrates fundamental concepts and ideas, which are major philosophical and ethical components of nursing practice. The very first part of Chapter 12 introduces General systems theory, which was unfamiliar to me. Chitty and Black gave introduced that biologist Ludwig von Bertalanffy originally proposed and build up by General system theory, which is very useful scientific method to understand and apply to nursing process and can be applied to similar subject as a “a common framework” (291) General system theory can be applied for organizing diverse field of study and main components of systems are “input”, “throughput”, “output”, and “evaluation” including evaluation of the system, so called, “feedback”. Chitty and Black give helpful example, “college system” to understand and identify the
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