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Midterm 9 - Sojung Suk The development of nursing theory...

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Sojung Suk The development of nursing theory is the basis for professional nursing practice. Discuss the theories presented in Chitty & Black’s Chapter 13 that make the most sense to you at this stage of your professional career. Distinct and sound theory makes underlying nursing reality turn out to be true professionalism. We cannot imagine modern nursing theory evolution without Florence Nightingale’s scientific and evidence based nursing theory. Chitty and Black shows how theory leads the professional nurses in various settings. Theory provides us the base for logic, reasoning, data analysis, and critical thinking. Nurses often encounter serious situation requiring clinical judgment. Sometime nurses need to select the best choice out of alternative interventions provided. Ethical dilemma and conflicts are inevitable in clinical setting. The application of theory will be different according to the nurse’s stage of professional career.
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