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000 clinical Log for Sojung Suk week 2

000 clinical Log for Sojung Suk week 2 - Sight...

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N171D – Public Health Nursing – Clinical Activity Log Student Name: Sojung Suk Log for Week Clinical Group: Section Clinical Instructor: Dr. Ruiz, Maria Elena For (week ending) : 4/9/2010 Number of hours completed : 7.5 15 (date) (this week) (to-date) Date/Time/ Location (# hours – do not include lunch in hours) Briefly describe all the pertinent activities you participated in during the clinical time (separate if different dates). Related only to CLINICAL (not homework). Do not exceed one page per week. 4 /6/2010  08AM-1600PM 30min  lunch total 7.5 hours 520 S. Wall St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 8:00~9:00AM Greetings, introduction Break 10:00~11:50: Sylabus review, course objectives, safety information,
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Unformatted text preview: Sight introductions 11:50~12:20: Area inspection, and business and community check, brief windshield 12:20~12:50: Lunch 12:50~2:30 Meeting with JRO person in charge; Introduction about JRO, Field tour to SRO housing corporation properties Angelus inn, carton, Golden West, Haskell, La Jolla, Palmer House, Panama, James Wood Apts Brief information about James M. Wood Qulification for JRO Property residency Meeting with JRO property managers and social workers Tour to the rooms 2:30~4:00 Post conference Please limit to one page. Forward WEEKLY to your clinical instructor....
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