000 clinical Log for Sojung Suk week 3

000 clinical Log for Sojung Suk week 3 - 7) Windshield...

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N171D – Public Health Nursing – Clinical Activity Log Student Name: ALLA KRYUKOVA Log for Week 3 Clinical Group: Section 2 Clinical Instructor: Dr. Ruiz For (week ending) : 04/11/2010 - 04/17/2010 Number of hours completed : 9.5 24.5 hrs (date) (this week) (to-date) Date/Time/ Location (# hours – do not include lunch in hours) Briefly describe all the pertinent activities you participated in during the clinical time (separate if different dates). Related only to CLINICAL (not homework). Do not exceed one page per week. 04/13/2010 7.5 hrs 1)SRO - Courtland apt. in the moring preconference. Discussion the prepositions of the community based projects. 2)Students and professor disscusstion. 3)Planning and assigning for the week 4. 4) Clarification of the clinical hours 5) Options for the additional hours for public health clinicals 6) Introduction of other public health activity in Los Angeles Area.
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Unformatted text preview: 7) Windshield survey of the business center Downtown- Grand Central Market What to sell, who comes, how has been changed, price rage of food and product. Observation of street and other commercial business 8)Hyperion Plant Tour In class introduction about history and present of hyperian Video watch tour to the department for the security reason, wear helmet Surface and ground of hyperian 9) postconference and students discussions in Panera Cafe The convered topics 1)how does the water treatment plan affect the life in LA 2)What are the known projects, pland, policies students are familiar with? 3) What are the possible outcomes in the water treatment services related to present economic downturn? 4) Evidence based articles. 04/16/2010 2 hrs total 04/16/2010 2 hrs total Please limit to one page. Forward WEEKLY to your clinical instructor....
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