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final study guide - N171 C Spring 2010 - Final Quiz Study...

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N171 C – Spring 2010 - Final Quiz Study Guide: Child Abuse Curriculum (these relate to the issue of “Future of children”) 1Understand the prevalence of child maltreatment in the United States population. 2How do we categorize child maltreatment? lPhysical abuse is “the intentional use of physical force against a child that results in, or has the potential to result in, physical injury.” Sexual abuse is “any complete or attempted (non-completed) sexual act, sexual contact with, or exploitation (that is, noncontact sexual interaction) of a child by a caregiver.” Psychological abuse is “intentional caregiver behavior … that conveys to a child that he/she is worthless, flawed, unloved, unwanted, endangered, or valued only in meeting another’s needs.” Neglect is “failure by a caregiver to meet a child’s basic physical, emotional, medical/dental, or educational needs.” Failure to supervise is the “failure by the caregiver to ensure a child’s safety within and outside the home given the child’s emotional and developmental needs.” 3Most recently, five categories of maltreatment have been identified. 4What factors affect our ability to compare state-specific data for child maltreatment? 5How might you define prevention of child maltreatment? Primary prevention aims to stop maltreatment before it can happen. Secondary prevention aims to prevent maltreated children from being abused or neglected again. Both forms of prevention make use of interventions such as parent education, mental health and substance abuse treatment programs for
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final study guide - N171 C Spring 2010 - Final Quiz Study...

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