FInal 2007- CHM2132 - CHM 2132 Final Exam Name Student...

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1 of 11 CHM 2132 Final Exam Name: ___________________________________ Student number:___________________________________ Professor: N. Goto Date: December 14 th , 2007. Time: 3 hours This is a closed book exam with no notes allowed. Calculators are permitted. Write all the formulas that you use to solve the questions and show all your work. Remember to include units in all your calculations . Marks will be deducted if units are not shown. Data section and equations are on last page of exam. This page can be removed from the exam. Q1 _____________/15 Q2 _____________/5 Q3 _____________/11 Q4 _____________/11 Q5 _____________/9 Q6 _____________/9 Q7 _____________/20 Total _____________/80
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Name:________________________________ 2 of 11 Question 1. Indicate whether the following statements are true or false. Please write the full word TRUE or FALSE. (15 marks) ______ F _______ The internal pressure ( π T ) of a real gas that undergoes repulsive interactions will be greater than zero. ______ T _______ For isothermal processes Δ A is the maximum amount of work that the system can do. ______ T _______ Methanol in a 1:10 methanol/ethanol solution will have a larger activity coefficient than that for hexane in a 1:1 mixture of hexane/cyclohexane. ______ F _______ If the concentration of KCl inside a cell is greater than its concentration outside the cell and the cell membrane is only permeable to Cl - ions then the cytoplasmic side (inside) of the membrane will be negatively charged compared to the extracellular side (outside). ______ F_ ______ The chemical potential of vapour in a boiling saltwater solution will decrease over the course of the phase transition. _______ F
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FInal 2007- CHM2132 - CHM 2132 Final Exam Name Student...

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