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S. S. Jones, [email protected] Spring 2010 For emails be sure to cite a “subject,” give your name and designate course as 222. Office location: 03-320 Office phone/voicemail: 756-1301 Office hours: M W 4:10-5:00pm Tu Th 2:30-3:30pm ECON 222: MACROECONOMICS (4 units) OBJECTIVE: To gain a basic macroeconomic literacy and to obtain an objective perspective. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Macroeconomics will provide an overview of macroeconomic terminology, theory and policies pertinent to the American version of market capitalism. An introductory differentiation of model, unbridled ( laissez faire ), evolved, and mixed versions of capitalism will be presented. Japan’s state-directed capitalism and European/Scandinavian social market economies may be mentioned for contrast to the American market capitalistic system. Macroeconomic measurements, including GDP, unemployment rate, and price indices will be presented mathematically, subjectively, and graphically. Precipitating factors relevant to the detrimental changes in these gauges and federal policies aimed to improve these economic conditions will be studied in depth. Some American economic history will be incorporated to illustrate theories and policies, crises and successes. Economic conservatism and economic liberalism will be contrasted, both in theory and in policy. Business cycle behavior and the effect of both fiscal (taxation and government spending) and monetary policies (money and interest rates) on this cycle will be scrutinized, theoretically and in recent practice (mostly since 1981). The consequences of these governmental policies on the deficit and the national debt will be evaluated. PREREQUISITES
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This note was uploaded on 08/13/2010 for the course ECON ECON 222 taught by Professor Jones during the Spring '10 term at Cal Poly.

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_^SylfSP2010 - S S Jones [email protected] Spring 2010 For...

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