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TABLE OF CONTENTS Spring 2010 ECON 222 / MACROECONOMICS S.S. Jones p# 1 Schedule (inside front cover. Also on Bb) 3 Table of Contents (This page) 4 Syllabus (Also on Bb) Condensed Course Outline (inside back cover-p.95) Section #1 – Model to Mixed Capitalism, Economic Conservatism and Liberalism. International Comparisons. The Role of the Federal Government in the Economy 6 Glossary #1 (use for HW#1) 11 Reading: Economic Conservatism/ Economic Liberalism 13 Terms to Accompany Economic Conservatism/ Economic Liberalism 14 Homework #1 (relevant to Test #1) 20 Worksheet: Federal Macroeconomic Personnel and Agencies (relevant to Test #1) 21 Sample Questions (relevant to Test #1) (Key for selected problems in HW #1 and Sample Questions to be posted on Bb) Section #2 – The Business Cycle: Variations in Final Sales, Output, Price level, and Employment 22 Glossary #2 (use for HW#2) 25 Reading: Price Level Changes 27 Determination of Aggregate Expenditures 28 AE Worksheet (in-class, ungraded)
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