EE 368 Syllabus


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Unformatted text preview: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo EE 368-03 Signals and Systems Laboratory Fall 2009 Instructor: Jerome Breitenbach Office: 20-312 Phone: 756-5710 Prerequisite : EE 228 (C- or better). Corequisite : EE 328. Text : EE 368 lab manual (latest edition) plus handouts of Experiments 10, A, and B (to be distributed later). Coverage : The lab manual for this course contains more experiments than are intended to be performed in one quarter. Except when otherwise stated by the instructor, this class will be performing exactly the work outlined in the appendix of the lab manual. Note that, in addition to specifying which particular experiments are to be performed (as in the schedule below), the appendix also specifies which particular sections within each experiment are to be performed (the other sections being optional). Grading : Each of the seven labs other than Lab 3 (which is essentially a tutorial on the HP 3582A spectrum analyzer) will account for 10% of the final grade, with Lab 3 counting 5%; and, the final exam will count 25%. Unless otherwise stated, the documentation for each experiment will be graded both on form and content (see other side). This work will be collected promptly at the end of the corresponding lab session....
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This note was uploaded on 08/13/2010 for the course EE EE 328 taught by Professor Breiteach during the Spring '10 term at Cal Poly.

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