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There are several formatting differences between a memo and an academic paper. An academic paper usually contains several pages, whereas a memo is contained to one page. In an academic paper one does not use bold type or underlining. An academic paper is also double spaced and there is only one space after a sentence. A memo is single spaced and there are two spaces after a sentence. In an academic paper bulleted lists and numbered lists are not commonly used. They may only be used to highlight certain information that is better read as a list than part of text, such as a graph. In a memo, it is common to use bulleted and numbered lists. This makes a memo more organized and easier to read. In academic paper, numbered values below 10 are expressed in words, and numbered values 10 and over are expressed in symbols. With an academic paper the font
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Unformatted text preview: always Times New Roman and the font size are 12. In a memo, one may use different styles of font as well as different font sizes. These two types of communication vary greatly in their formatting styles. A memo is usually one page in length whereas an academic paper is several pages in length. A memo is written to pass information between coworkers within a business setting. It is written for a quick and easy read. The tone is informative and professional. An academic paper is written about a particular subject and is read by a professor and possibly classmates. An academic paper contains much information on a particular topic. Therefore, the tone of an academic paper is informative. Since these two types of communication vary greatly with their tone, audience and purpose, the formatting styles must reflect these differences....
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