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Identity politics is the mobilization of people around group pride, is multiculturalism’s political motif. Identity politics view oppression and historical calamity as the true warrant of a group’s claim to recognition. “When you think of social and political issues, do you see yourself mainly as a member of a particular ethnic, racial, or nationality group, or do you think of yourself mainly as just an American?” The question calls for people to rank their national and ethnic identies and explicitly places the choice in a political context. More than two-thirds of each ethnic
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Unformatted text preview: group identifies as Americans. Only 17 percent of whites compared to 54 percent of blacks, 59 percent of Hispanics, and 59 percent of Asians opted for a dual identity rather than an exclusively American definition. The opinions of Hispanics illustrate the natural tendency of more recent immigrants to retain psychic ties to their country of origin. In the 1996 GSS, Hispanic respondents were less likely than either blacks or whites to say that being an American was important to them and more willing to say that they would move to another country....
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