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1 English 111 March 4, 2009 Essay 2 Lucky or Not? The “Rocking-Horse Winner” by D. H Lawrence is a sophisticated short story that gives prominence to the cracked relationship between a child and his mother. Not only does the author uses a language similar to a fairy tale to civilize the value of motherhood and the danger of greed, but he also shows a brilliant comprehension of human nature, and clarifies the nature of materialism. In the story, as a result of greed, an upper class family is destroyed while they always feel that no matter how much money they have, there must be more money. From the different characters Lawrence created and the social value of money he exhibited in the story, we witness the downfall of the upper middle class family struggling to preserve their extravagant life through endless overspending, and realize with fear the negative influence of greed, money, and lack of love in the upper middle class English life and of modern society, which causes the dehumanization of the society as a whole. Paul, the poor young boy in the story, who tries desperately to find a way to have “luck” for his mother, is given the name of the horse that will win the next horse race when he is riding his horse furiously. With the help of the gardener Bassett and his Uncle Oscar, he succeeds to make an astounding amount of money by betting in the horse race. As the final big race, the Derby, is coming, even though Paul is sure of the winner, he rides himself into a feverish delirium. When his uncle comes to tell him about how huge the fortune he has made by placing a large bet, he dies from the fever,
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Essay 2 - 1 English 111 March 4 2009 Essay 2 Lucky or Not...

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