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1 English 111 Essay 3 April 6 th , 09 Never Be Solitary Human being has a unique mental characteristic called solitude. If we only try separating ourselves from the outside and never try to break down the solitude, human races are bound to die out. In the novel of One Hundred Years of Solitude , people lived in Macondo began to close their souls under the impact of civilization. However, while facing the cruel reality that seems unchangeable, a small amount of people who woke up to reality could do nothing but close themselves gradually. Since “one of these days is none of these days,” they tried to forget everything and did not really get to the root of their sorrow. The reason why they isolated themselves from the outside and were unwilling to communicate with other people is that they could not understand true love at all under the primitive customs of life. They would finally go down to their doom as they fell in solitude deeper and deeper and could not resist. By creating each Buendia who has in his destiny the marks of solitude, the author appeals to the South American to break down the solitude, approach uniting, revive their loving heart, and construct communication. Jose Arcadio Buendia who is the founder of Macondo is the first primary solitary in the novel. His first form of solitude is exhibited when he obsesses over the invention which is brought to Macondo by the gypsies. In order to perform experiments, he isolates himself from the outside, even to his family. There is one time that he told his children that “the earth is round, like an orange,” Ursula shouts at him, “if you have to
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Essay 3 - 1 English 111 Essay 3 April 6th 09 Never Be...

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