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- 1 English 110 September 22, 2008 Essay # 1 Me--My Personal Chef A lot of people say, “I’m so busy, there’s no time for me, and it’s too much work” as excuses for them to eat outside instead of cooking for themselves at home. Even in Japan, whose people normally believe that meals should be made at home and eaten at home, it has been found that more and more family style restaurants are appearing in some flourishing areas of the cities, and less and less people are eating at home. However, it changed recently. As the story goes, there are plenty of young adults who cook for themselves at home, and it’s mainly because they gradually treat cooking for themselves as a great pleasure. Cooking for yourself has a whole branch of benefits, such as saving your payout of food, eating those kinds of food that fit your taste and health, preventing the loss of nutritional balance, and enjoy the safety of knowing who and how chose the food. I am wild about cooking, and I cook for myself almost everyday. Cooking for myself is a pleasure without an end: a pleasure of tasting the freshness of life, sharing the warmth of families, achieving others’ compliments, enjoying the satisfaction of my own work, and living a colorful life. Don’t you feel hesitant and awkward cooking something new when you are going to serve a table full of people? Lawson shows that she doesn’t need to worry about ruining everything when she’s cooking. “I might feel cross with myself,” She says “but I won’t be panicked” (66).I have the freedom to try new things and focus on how
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Essay - -1 English 110 September 22, 2008 Essay # 1 Me-My...

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