Essay 3 - 1 English 110 October 29, 2008 Essay # 3 Reading...

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1 English 110 October 29, 2008 Essay # 3 Reading women’s lives in 1950’s cookbooks In 1950s, a lot of contradictory messages were delivered to American women by their cookbooks, such as buying processed foods but cooking from scratch; being creative but following directions as orders; accounting for various family member’s tastes but streamlining the food purchase and preparation process; working part-time but being a full-time homemaker; and even doing all of these without any training. Contemporary food writer, Erika Endrijonas, believes that in the complexity of these cookbooks, the texture of women’s lives were reflected as well as molded. Ideas proposed by 1950’s cookbook authors influenced women based on the sociological standards at that time and what it means to be an efficient cook and a thoughtful homemaker. Processed foods saved women tremendous amounts of time in 1950s; the balance between convenience, taste and duty has been lost and women’s domestic obligations to the family leave much to be desired in terms of cooking from scratch, being creative cooks and taking care of each of the family members with their love. Endrijonas states, “The demand for women to rededicate themselves to their domestic pursuits, particularly cooking, appeared at the same time as did the proliferation of processed foods in the marketplace”. (158) Processed foods are fake food produced in factories which are full of chemicals, as opposed to real foods, which come from nature. In the past, in order to make foods edible, better tasting, or more nutritious, a number of women prepared food from scratch. Women who really want to show their love through the family meals would never cook with processed foods, which require
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2 neither imagination nor skills. By making home-baked goods, family members can have a healthy diet and a partial taste which also contributes to their emotional stability. There is no denying that home-cooking offers us plenty of benefits: it denatures proteins so that food can be digested better, and is easier to chew; it also
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Essay 3 - 1 English 110 October 29, 2008 Essay # 3 Reading...

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