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1 Eng 226 Extra Credit 4/28/2010 Difficult Choices: Facing Death, Facing Love Samantha Silverman made the claim that death is the ultimate affirmation of the identity of a person. She identifies three types of deaths: physical, spiritual and psychological. Spiritual and psychological deaths might precede physical death which is irreversible termination of biological processes. Spiritual death is sacrificial surrendering to Gods will and relinquishing bodily survival instincts for love of others while psychological death is suppression of psychic and emotional responses that leads to emotional deadening. Aspects of spiritual and psychological deaths, which are profoundly manifest in physical deaths, and subtle aspects in pure physical death reflect the life of the individual. Whatever is suppressed in life, whether in form of mere idiosyncrasies, or by spiritual and psychological deaths, is revealed through the very events which accompany physical deaths. Circumstances surrounding physical death are full of meaning concerning the idiosyncrasies of the dying person. This is especially true when the irreversible termination of all bodily functions occurs gradually rather than suddenly; as in accidents. Physical conditions such as disease at times make people who are facing death to nurse strange idiosyncrasies since they are unable to reveal or execute their wishes. Since the dying person is faced with decisions that
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Essay & EC & MT - 1 Eng 226 Extra Credit Difficult...

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