Extra Extra Credit - 1 Eng 226 Extra Extra Credit 4/28/2010...

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1 Eng 226 Extra Extra Credit 4/28/2010 Love and Death: Loss, Suffering, and Soul In the passage; Love Beats Death When Death Recalls Love, Wei Dai claims that death is the best occasion by which people learn love and that the two are connected in that the latter helps people to overcome the suffering caused by the former. Love is a wonderful emotion that often fades from the lives of humans only to be ironically reignited by the event of death. However in today’s busy schedules, as people pursue success in different fields, love suffers as people have little time for each other. As people do not usually show adequate love to others in life, love that is expressed in the event of death is an un-innocent attempt to compensate for the failure to show love to the dead souls while they lived. Inability to love people satisfactorily as they live is related to the intense expression of love once they die. Bereaved people often experience guilt of not being able to prevent the death of a loved one hence they intensely express their love for them. Wei Dai notes that people go through life searching to satisfy this elusive emotion in the relations they have. Once a person is no more, the mourners are naturally indebted to show love, if for this onetime event. This is why expression of love by the prospective mourners begins at the first signs loss of life to death and
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Extra Extra Credit - 1 Eng 226 Extra Extra Credit 4/28/2010...

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