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Eng 226 First Position Paper Comparison of Convent Girl Written by Grace with My Contraband Written by Louisa Consideration of Cultural Roles’ Impact on One’s Identity The two different case studies provide an appropriate ground on which to examine as well as analyze the people’s identity as associated with race to which the characters belong. This identity aspect will be analyzed on the basis of the race to which the main characters belong (King, 202). The extent to which racism has been a factor in determining identity is evident in the two comparisons owing to the diversity of cultures and race. Therefore, an individual’s identity is determined by his or her cultural background. One of the instances racism is found to be associated with one’s identity is in the case of covenant girl who has taken up mourning while traveling (King, 203). She is forced to travel in order to visit and live with her mother. The situation of this covenant girl is a bit complicated since as she mourns her father, she is also happy to get an opportunity to visit and be with her mother which was difficult when the father was alive. Instead of the father raising her at home, he found it easier to have her live at a certain convent (King, 203). The girl had a hard time all through since she had not had a chance to experience the parental love and care that was required for a young kid she was when she first went to that particular convent.
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First position paper - 1 Eng 226 First Position Paper...

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