Midterm Notes - G race K ing: The L i t t le Convent Girl....

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Grace King: The Little Convent Girl. - Colored; River and the racial class issue; RACE REFRAME. LCG as innocence as she as. . Metaphor: whirlpools are the holes in floor of the upper river. There’s a Mississippi under the Mississippi. The under one is Black. Suicide is the eternal punishment for Catholic escape. maybe she wants to peek on upper Mississippi again so she jumps? Charles Waddell Chesnutt: The Passing of Grandison. - Chesnutt playing with the stock character Grandison. Ironic that Grandison sees the owners the colonel and Dick so clearly; also irony that Dick wants to free a slave only to win Charity’s love, Grandison pretends to be loyal as a slave “has no fight in him” for his desire to free his family. Dialect – local color. . The story used satire and humor to expose the common stereotype that southern whites believed about black slaves. Grandison seems to be passing as something that he really isn't, and that is an unassuming, uneducated obedient slave who is extremely loyal to this master. Many whites, in control of slaves, felt themselves to be more superior to the blacks who they believed to be uncivilized and sub-human. Grandison outsmarted the master who thought himself to be superior than his slave. The story, which shows a supposedly uneducated black man outwitting a white man was sure to have caused controversy. Louisa May Alcott:My Contraband The Civil War was fought over slavery. It pitted brother against brother, but this did not kill these brothers, it was the deep and festering hatred they had for each other that sent them to their early graves. They only thing these two brothers shared were the location of their death. They died at Fort Wagner; the war however played a small role. Their death’s began years before with the burning hatred that was smoldering inside each other. The atrocity of human bondage demonstrates how two men were treated so differently even though they had the same father and were raised on the same plantation. Their lives were miles apart. Of all the atrocities, man has endured; none has caused more
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Midterm Notes - G race K ing: The L i t t le Convent Girl....

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