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Oct 15 Sexuality - Reminder: Change to Reading Schedule...

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Unformatted text preview: Reminder: Change to Reading Schedule Regarding the readings for October 17th, the required Blackwood reading, "Sexuality and Gender in Certain Native American Tribes", is now recommended. In its place, the Lancaster reading, "Subject Honor and Object Shame", is now required. This reading was previously listed as recommended. Sexuality October 15th, 2007 Demographics of Sexual Behaviors Premarital (Coital) Intercourse Masturbation Oral Sex Anal Sex `Friends with Benefits' (FWB) Equal proportions of men & women involved in FWB Women more emotionally involved Men more sexually focused and polyamorous The Sexual Double Standard The Decline of Reproductionist Sexuality 1965: Supreme Court overturns laws against contraceptive use 1972: Supreme Court overturns laws against sale of contraceptives to unmarrieds 2003: Supreme Court overturns laws against sodomy Components of Gendered Sexuality Sexual Identities vs. Sexual Desires vs. Sexual Behaviors Bisexual, Gay, & Straight... Queer, Heteroflexible, Trisexual... Erotic preference for gender(s) Women who have sex with women (WSWs), Men who have sex with men (MSMs), Women who have sex with men (WSMs), and Men who have sex with women (MSWs) Demographics of Gendered Desire (NHSLS 1992) Desire only the other gender: 95.6% of women, 93.8% of men Desire only the same gender: .3% of women, 2.4% of men Desire both genders: 4.1% of women, 3.9% of men The Emergence of Homo (and Hetero) Sexualities PreGay Sex/Desire between SameGendered People Late Medieval: informal social networks of MSM Early 1700s: consolidation of urban MSM communities Mid1700s: informal social networks of WSW Mid1700s: new association of MSM with gender deviance Capitalism, Urbanization, and the Foundation for `Gay' Anonymity and privacy Profit incentive to cater to (even deviant) social interests Individualism/decline in family control over behavior Impact of the compression of timespace distanciation The Development of Homo (and Hetero) Sexualities Naturalists (Biologization) Karl Heinrich Ulrichs' (1864) psychic hermaphroditism Magnus Hirschfeld's (1896) ScientificHumanitarian Committee Degenerationists (Medicalization) Richard von KrafftEbing (1886) and Havelock Ellis' (1897) degenerative perversions Psycho or Sociogenists (Debiologization) Sigmund Freud's (around 1900) hydraulic model of sexuality Alfred Kinsey's (1948, 1953) "Kinsey scale" Psychologists and Demedicalization(?) (19741986) Contemporary Constructions of Gay Bodies Premises of Contemporary Constructions of Gay Bodies The Intersex Assumption: `psychic hermaphroditism, the sequel' The Defect Assumption: `degenerationism strikes back' Investigations of Testosterone Levels in Adults The Prenatal Hormone Hypothesis Do We Have Any Gay (or Straight) Genes? Gay Gene on the X Chromosome: Hamer et al. (1993) Twins Research: Bailey & Pillard (1991) When one brother identifies as gay, the other also does in... 52% of identical twin pairs 22% of fraternal twin pairs 10% of nontwin, biological brother pairs 10% of adoptive brother pairs Biological Influence or the "Twinning Effect"? ...
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