Infrared spectroscopy c melting point d mass

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Unformatted text preview: wo aromatic compounds with substituents of the same functional group, but they differ in their position on the ring. What would be the best method of characterization? a. Melting Point b. Infrared Spectroscopy c. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance d. Refractive Index e. None of the above 12. You have two constitutional isomers that contain the same functional groups. What is the best way to determine which structure is which? a. Gas Chromatography b. Infrared Spectroscopy c. Melting point d. Mass Spectrometry e. None of the above Experiment 5 13. In the photoisomerization experiment, what is the driving force of the reaction? a. The light shining in on the compound that causes isomerization b. The crystallization of the cis isomer c. The crystallization of the trans isomer d. The solvent used to dissolve the starting material e. None of the above Experiment 6 14. In experiment 6, which compound is more polar? a. 4 ­tert ­butylcyclohexanone b. trans ­4 ­tert ­butylcyclohexanol c. cis ­4 ­tert ­butylcyclohexanol d. Methanol e. None of the above 15. When a reaction proceeds with only 1 isomer as its results, the reaction is said to be a. Stereoelectronic b. Stereogenic c. Stereospecific d. Stereoselective e. None of the above Experiment 7 16. Which compound is known as Tylenol? a. The intermediate formed in the reaction b. The starting material c. The product d. Phenacetin e. None of the above 17. After the MEK was removed, an extraction using NaOH as the aqueous phase was performed. Why? a. To remove any excess MEK from the product b. To dissolve the product into the aqueous layer c. To dissolve any remaining starting material in the aqueous layer d. To generate the suitable phenoxide needed for et...
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