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The cospot claims the reaction is 50 complete c the

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Unformatted text preview: ting material for a reaction. Lane B is the co ­spot of A and C. Lane C is the crude product obtained at the end of the reaction. According to the TLC: a. The product is less polar than the starting material b. The co ­spot claims the reaction is 50% complete c. The reaction is complete d. The reaction is incomplete and needs more time e. None of the above 7. Regarding the TLC from above, let’s say that a mixture of 5:1 hexanes:ethyl acetate was used to develop the plate. What would happen to the spots if a 4:1 mixture of hexanes:ethyl acetate was used? a. The solvent mixture is more polar so all spots would travel further b. The solvent mixture is less polar so all spots will travel more c. Compound A will travel further while compound B will be retained d. Compound B will travel further while compound A will be retained e. All spots will travel less 8. When performing an IR, a salt plate is used to put the sample on. What must be a characteristic of this plate? a. It transmits in the infrared spectrum b. It interacts with the sample to induce infrared absorptions c. It is a purely covalent material d. All types of light can pass through it without refraction e. None of the above 9. In the electromagnetic spectrum, __________ frequencies, __________ wavenumbers, and __________ wavelengths are associated with high energy. a. high, small, long b. low, large, short c. low, small, short d. high, large, short e. high, small, short 10. What functionality has the highest C=O wavelength? a. Ester b. Amide c. Aldehyde d. Ketone e. None of the above 11. You have t...
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