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17 Fe20 Lecture - 11/17 Fem St. 20 Lecture: Gender &...

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Identifications: -Labor market segregation -"Glass ceiling" and "pink collar" -Economic gender gaps -Welfare -National Welfare Rights Organization -Johnnie Tillmon -Structural adjustment Final Paper!!! due end of lecture TUESDAY AFTER HOLIDAY WEEKEND! Loretta Ross in the Course Reader 4 full pages thesis-driven essay drawing Ross's Interview plus TWO OTHER course readings GAUCHOSPACE! Labor Market Segregation -disproportionate concentration of any groupe in an industry or job category -gender segregation= 75% or more -75% male fall into male segregated occupation same with females -bolls and walleye stated in weely reading -More women inmate-dominated than men in female-dominated -integration can be "hollow victory" -women are more likely to work in female dominated jobs but likely to cross over and work in men related jobs -find that there are fewer men working as nurses, school teachers, or librarians and if they do they lose prestige and masculinity is questioned -we also find that integration in the labor market can be a hollow victory in which pattern job loses pay or prestige before women enter it -men entering nursing doesn't change the status of nursing Glass Ceilings & Pink Colors -Women 49% of executives, administrators, managers- but at the lowest rungs -women 53% of professional jobs- but lower paid ones with less authority, e.g., RNs, grade school teachers -Men in "pink collar" fields find their intelligence, masculinity questioned
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-women enter into jobs where they bump into a clink and they can't go any farther -reflects the way labor market integration can be a hollow victory -nurses, nurses' aids, early childhood, librarians are considered "pink collar" jobs because they are professional however concentrated with lower paid, with less power, men don't gain prestige however they lose it once entering in these type of occupation -larger jobs integrated by gender Changes in family structure & work -Families with children under 18: 1975,2008 -Married heater couple, only husband employed: 44.7%, 20.7% -Married heater couple dual earner: 31.1%, 43.5%
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17 Fe20 Lecture - 11/17 Fem St. 20 Lecture: Gender &...

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