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01 Fem20 Lecture - 12/01 Fem20 Lecture I. "Post...

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12/01 Fem20 Lecture I. "Post Feminism" A) A term that feminism as over and no longer needed but what is "feminism" in this definition? 1) The press… Coined the terms that everyone used:'the man shortage,''the biological clock,''the mommy track,' and 'post- feminism." - Susan Faludi, Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women (1992) II. Who identifies as "feminist"? A) Aronson study: 42 interviews with 23-24 year old women in MInnesota (be cautious about her sample!) 1) "I'm a feminist" a) specific issues addressing sexual violence 2) "I'm a feminist, but…" a) meaningful but anxious associated with feminism 3) "I'm not a feminist, but…" a)asked a serious of issues described as feminist concerns agree with feminist principle but rejects the term 4) "I never though about it" III. Factors in Aronson's responses A) Exposure to feminist analysis in college B) Interest in "political" concerns C) Negative perceptions of feminism: "angry," too "assertive," "man- hating," "lesbian" IV. How is feminism described? What does this description do? A) "Something you get in college" 1) Ignores activist sources of ideas (e.g. Ross) 2) Careerist model of feminist success - ignores working class and global feminisms a) ignores critique of welfare rights; everyday unexpected sources of activism and gender inequality
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01 Fem20 Lecture - 12/01 Fem20 Lecture I. "Post...

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