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3 Fem20 Lecture - 12/3 Course Conclusion Review of course...

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12/3: Course Conclusion Review of course topics concepts Preparing for Final Exam What is gender? Are there only two genders or two sexualities? How does gender inequality work? In our families, economies, nations, and the world? What do gender and sexuality have to do with race, ethnicity, and class? Why call poverty, racism, or war "feminist issues"? Course Objectives: Learn key concepts of feminist analysis Understand how gender and sexuality are constructed intersect with the factors Understand feminist production of knowledge Practice applying feminist analysis Examples: personal essays Missouri v. Celia Third World Women's Alliance "waves" metaphor and critiques of this metaphor Key concepts: No "one" feminism, matrix of dominations: race, gender, nation, global power, class, sexuality come to one center Week 2: Social COnstruction of genders and sexualities Examples: Class demo Straightlaced film Key concepts: Spectrum vs. binary Intersex Transgender "Gender" is different from "sex" and both are social constructed Russian Dolls: sex gender assume to be same, but they are examples of the mix and match of gender and sex
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Week 3: Bodies and Norms in Popular Culture Examples: Co-optation: Virginia Slims and Dove "Brazillian beauty" Disability culture "Cyborg" vs. Carano Sara Baartman Caster Semenya Key concepts: hegemony "feminist consumerism" vs. activism Week 4: Families, Marriage, and Reproductive Justice Examples: wedding industry marriage laws tied to citizenship, race, sexuality
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3 Fem20 Lecture - 12/3 Course Conclusion Review of course...

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