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HIJAB DEFINITION: Head covering/ modest dress was typically worn by Muslim women. REFERENCE: In the film Under One Sky , it shows the many different types of women in the world & how they make the choice to wear hijabs; they weren't forced to wear it. In "Brazilian Beauty or Disability Culture," you are prejudging those off of one's background & expecting a certain outcome because of it. In Bank's "Hair Matters," it compares black women wearing an afro in a work SIGNIFICANCE: The mainstream society shows these women as passive, but they see us Americans as hyper-sexualized & exploited. It shows the hegemony is a myth. It's this symbol of identity & becomes this challenge towards racism. This was said to be a "new form of racism". "WAVES" metaphor DEFINITION: Three waves of feminism: 1920's focused on suffrage & the right to hold property; 1960's wanted to expand legal & civil rights; 1990's to present day focused on different race, sex positivity, and class ethnicity. The problem with the waves metaphor is that it focuses on mainstream (white) events in feminism portraying that all feminists have one universal struggle. That it was only based on U.S. feminism disregarding hierarchies & conflicts, along with the large gap between each wave suggesting nothing happened during those years. REFERENCE: In Taylor's article, "Feminist Consumerism & Fat Activists," focused on another movement to change one's judgement towards specific identity. It relates to post-feminism, the notion that feminism is over. After each wave, someone declared the death of feminism. Addresses that there are more waves to come and that we're not done. SIGNIFICANCE: Important because it shows that there are subcultures that exist within the movement that included many different issues. There are other things to fight for. It might get better, but there are other debates & issues out there. This is a flaw in classifying feminism suggesting a unified front. THere are multiple feminism and feminist activism is always happening in different places, time, and to different people. DEFINITION: Binary implies only 2 genders: male & female & 2 sexes: homosexual & heterosexual. Spectrum includes everything & everyone, ranging from transgender, interest, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc. REFERENCE: From lecture, we learned that gender and sex are social constructions. SIGNIFICANCE: It is important because it shows that other options and social constructions do exist. REPRODUCTIVE LABOR DEFINITION: Housework, making dinner, doing laundry, childcare, etc are jobs known to be the women's natural "second shift". Women did not get respect
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for work that they did. It was a job that women were expected to do. REFERENCE:
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