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Fem20 Response Paper 3

Fem20 Response Paper 3 - Christine Le Fem St 20 Sect W 4pm...

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Christine Le Fem St. 20 Sect W 4pm 1 December 2009 Assignment: Response Paper #3 Transcript of Loretta Ross A pioneering civil/women's rights and U.S. human rights activist, Loretta Ross once stated, "there is simply no better way to broaden the influence and effectiveness of all our struggles for social justice than through human rights" (Cox and Thoma). Ross is also an activist on women's issues including reproductive justice and opposition to hate groups as well as right wing organizations. She has successfully made a great impact organizing women of color delegations for the immense pro-choice movements such as: the rape crisis center, the National Organization for Women also known as NOW, the first national conference on women of color and reproductive rights in 1987 and much more. Not only has she directed a fair amount of projects and founded mainstream organizations, she is an author of two books titled Undivided Rights: Women of Color Organizing for Reproductive Justice and Black Abortion. In the books, she addresses respectively the need in steering committee was high in demand due to organization's sufferings and reproductive rights. However, to her, in order "to have a human rights movement people first have to know what their rights are." (Cox and Thoma). Loretta Ross defines gender equality through a "human rights" framework by bringing together women of color or women segregated by identity issues to one focus such as the SisterSong. This human rights framework is articulated into what was happening in her personal life as well as the larger community and political histories of which she has been a part of through the reproductive oppression and what is done to eliminate those human rights violation. Those who succeeds in
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bringing the issues of gender equality, sexual discrimination, and sexual oppression to the public as a coalition redefines the dominant understandings of "feminism," who can be a "feminist," and the value of "feminist" activism in this framework today.
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Fem20 Response Paper 3 - Christine Le Fem St 20 Sect W 4pm...

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