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FS 20 – Fall 2009 Emily Hobson, Lecturer Final Exam Study Guide The final will be held Friday, December 11, at 4pm (Embarcadero Hall). - No notes or books allowed. - Bring a blue book . Do not write in advance on your blue books . - Your final exam is 30% of your final grade (30 points). Identifications (4 terms, 4 points each = 16 points) . We will give you a list of 10 terms selected from the list below, from which you will choose 4 to answer. Your answers should be 4-6 sentences and include the following: a) Define what the term means, referencing material or arguments in at least 1 course reading and/or material presented in lecture. b) Explain the term’s significance in this course: why it is important, or what point it helps to make, in the field of Feminist Studies. Note that the first three terms below are from before the midterm; the remainder are from after the midterm. hijab “waves” metaphor reproductive labor
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Unformatted text preview: domestic work transnational motherhood New Deal exclusions Domestic Workers United labor market segregation “glass ceiling” and “pink collar” economic gender gaps welfare rights National Welfare Rights Organization Johnnie Tillmon structural adjustment Garment Workers Union ( from film – Made in LA) maternalism & “sisterhood” internationalist feminism transnational feminism post-feminism straight queers (Cohen) Somos Hermanas Two short essays (7 points each = 14 points). The essay questions will bring up some of the concepts above AS WELL AS concepts from before the midterm. While the questions will enable you to draw on lecture and section discussions, you are also STRONGLY recommended to study from the course READINGS, especially those in Feminist Frontiers . The more specific details you can bring into your answer, AND the more clearly and cohesively your essay is written, the higher your grade will be!...
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