FS20_Syllabus - 1 Feminist Studies 20 Women, Society, and...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Feminist Studies 20 Women, Society, and Culture Fall 2009 Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-4:45pm Embarcadero Hall Professor Emily Hobson Email: hobson@femst.ucsb.edu Department Office: 805-893-4330* Office: South Hall 4702 Office Hours: Wednesdays 12:00-2:00pm (and by appointment) Teaching Assistants Carisa Cortez: carisa@umail.uscb.edu Denise Gill: denisegill@umail.ucsb.edu Allison Schifani: aschifani@umail.ucsb.edu Claudia Yaghoobi Massihi: cyaghoobimassihi@umail.ucsb.edu *Individual office phones have been disconnected as a result of University budget cuts. Course Description From the moment at birth or before when someone calls us girl or boy, what does gender mean? How does gender inequality structure families, nations, and the world? What does gender have to do with sexuality, and are there only two genders or two sexualities? What do gender and sexuality have to do with race, ethnicity, and class? Why would anyone say that poverty, racism, and war are feminist issues? What is the history of feminism(s), and what are feminists thinking and doing today? By addressing these and other questions, this course will explore how gender and sexuality shape our lives and introduce you to key ideas and methods in the interdisciplinary field of Feminist Studies. While focused on the experiences of women and girls in the United States, we will also consider men and masculinity, transgender identities, and global perspectives. The course will begin by defining some of the basic concepts and methods of Feminist Studies; move on to analyze how gender and sexuality operate in popular culture, families, the workplace, and the national and global economy; and conclude by exploring the histories of U.S. and global feminisms. This class features two lectures and one discussion section (regular/Honors) each week. Attendance at ALL lectures and sections, and completing ALL required readings, are critical. Full preparation and participation are essential to your success in this class! Feminist Studies 20 fulfills the Universitys writing requirement and the Area D general education requirement. GauchoSpace Page The Syllabus, Course Assignments, and many other course materials will be posted on the GauchoSpace page, which all enrolled students will be able to access. Your TA may also use GauchoSpace for assignments specific to your section. You must check the site regularly to stay up to date! Please note: GauchoSpace works with the free browser Firefox Mozilla, NOT Safari or Internet Explorer. 2 Required Readings Feminist Frontiers (FF) Verta Taylor, Nancy Whittier, and Leila J. Rupp, eds., Feminist Frontiers , 8 th ed. (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2009)....
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FS20_Syllabus - 1 Feminist Studies 20 Women, Society, and...

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