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Response Paper 2 - Christine Le Fem St. 20 Sect: W 4pm 30...

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Christine Le Fem St. 20 Sect: W 4pm 30 October 2009 Response Paper #2: Femicide In Juárez "This city has become a place to murder and dump women. [Authorities] are not interested in solving these cases because these women are young and poor and dispensable. A woman goes to work so she can support her family. She works hard, but when she is killed, people say she was a prostitute that isn't worth anything." (Esther Chavez 4). From lecture and readings this week, I analyzed that the epidemic murders of women in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico is driven by this patriarchy ideological structure that has helped to produce and allow this to continue. This ideological structure values men over women and it created this consistent sexual violence behavior against young women all over Juárez. Unless people of the Juárez society voiced this issue, especially young women and families who have been affected, it would help to end this femicide. In the reading "Femicide in Juárez" written by Pheona Donohue of the Feminist Frontiers book, she states that "many women were killed as a result of domestic violence, gang and drug related, kidnap, as well as rape and torture by alleged serial killers" (Donohue 525). Patriarchy has been affected in the Juárez society due to the consistent sexual behavior of men overtaking women. Men do hold more power because women appeared more vulnerable. For instance, a young women walking through a dark alley alone, being seen dressed provocatively at the club or in public, or having physical features such as: dark skinned, tall and thin, with long dark hair would likely be the next victim of a sexual assault or violence because of the way they portray themselves. Not so much asking for it but these victims are somewhat inviting the
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murderers. Arturo González Rasc from the article "The Juárez Murders" even states,
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Response Paper 2 - Christine Le Fem St. 20 Sect: W 4pm 30...

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