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Memorial medical center is a not-for-profit organization that exists to maintain and improve the health status of citizens in the greater Stanislaus County. Licensed for 423 acute care beds and accredited by The Joint Commission, Memorial extends selected services to other communities whenever this will meet the critical needs and when it will enhance the productivity of local resources. Memorial hospital is located in Modesto Ca. Being that it is nonprofit it receives various tax exemptions from the federal state, and local governments with the expectation that in return, they will provide benefits to the community. Memorial is in an urban area.   Being a nonprofit hospital it is organized as a non-profit corporation. Non-profit organizations are organizations that engage in or support activities for the public, without garnering or seeking monetary profit. Memorial has a separate wing just for birthing and preemie babies.
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Unformatted text preview: Doctor’s hospital is for profit in Modesto ca. This profit hospital can be eligible for certain benefits, and capital financing. Doctors is in a urban area The level of care in both hospitals is the same. The only difference is doctor’s hospital has a specialty unit for heart patients. Patients in need of heart surgeries are usually referred here. Overall both hospitals offer the same care. The differences in population used to be about the same, until doctor’s hospital became the only hospital in Modesto to accept medical through the state. The increase of people claiming insurance through the state has increased, causing a large amount of patients to receive service at doctors hospital verses Memorial hospital. The differences are that a nonprofit has tax advantages, but it is limited in greater returns. As for a profit made, it is required to be invested back into their operations and facilities....
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