Oct 17 Perceiving Erotic Relevance & Desirability Through Social Context

Oct 17 Perceiving Erotic Relevance & Desirability Through Social Context

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Unformatted text preview: Perceiving Erotic Relevance & Desirability Through Social Context October 17th, 2007 Components of Attraction Erotic Desire as a Cognitive Process *Attributing meanings--being a potential object of desire *Ranking in terms of desirability of undesirability *The process of learning the social definitions of how to perceive the bodies of others as un/desirable. 1) A stimulus is perceived 2) 3) 4) Stimulus is classified as erotically relevant Stimulus is classified as erotically desirable Sexual arousal occurs physiologically Components of Attraction: Key Concepts Erotic relevance (vs. irrelevance) The condition of being seen as a potential object of sexual desire to a viewer, having erotic meaning. Erotic desirability (vs. undesirability) The condition of being ranked by a viewer as an attractive object of sexual desire, having erotic value. Erotic socialization & thought communities Erotic Relevance of Blood Relatedness The incest taboo & incest avoidance Incest avoidance is universal due to a biologocial Roman Egyptian BrotherSister Marriage: From the 1st to 3rd century A.D.: Fifteen to 21 percent of ongoing marriages At least a third of men choosing to marry sisters Absence of social stigma, presence of romantic love Commonplace for 2 centuries until Egyptian men granted roman citizenship and then incest was illegal under roman law 212213 A.D.: Deeroticization/Desexualization of siblings Sexual Aversion hypothesis people have an inborn quality that guides how they see the body of others Erotic Relevance of Disability & Deformity `Deformity' Disability Noticeable physical differences that are considered major physical deviations. physical differences that impair individuals' ability to function in some way less satisfaction with frequency of dating more trouble finding people to date more societal barriers to dating Factors in U. S. Classifications of Erotic Irrelevance Asexualization Infantilization Perceived Androgyny of Persons with Disabilities Paternalism make decisoin for others, act over protectively, and dissmiss their avilitry to achieve own goals Erotic Relevance of Disability & Deformity Perceptions of "Pinto" among S. American Tribes Perceptions of goiter in 16th century Europe `Disfiguring' body modifications in tribal societies Facial scarification Lip distension through lip discs, lip plugs & tusks Teeth blackening and sharpening Ear lobe distension Coneshaping of infants' heads Erotic Relevance of SexGender Ancient Greece and Rome, Qing Dynasty China PenetratorPenetratee (Activo/Passivo) Systems of MaleMale Erotic Relevance Islamic North Africa and Southwest Asia Nicaragua Societies with Prevalent FemaleFemale Erotic Relevance Big Nambas of the Malekula Island in Melanesia The Akan of the Gold Coast (present day Ghana) Erotic Desirability of Fat Timeline of Western Perceptions of Fat in Women Late Middle Ages 16th Century: Thinness as Desirable Sixteenth Century 17th Century: Fatness as Desirable Seventeenth Century 1860s: Thinness as Desirable 1860s 1890s: Fatness as Desirable 1873 anorexia nervosa described by Gull and Lase ue 1890s Today: Thinness as Desirable Hadza Men of Tanzania and desirability of fat Matsigenka of Peru and desirability of fat Erotic Desirability of Racialized Features PreColonial Perceptions Colonialism, Slavery and Racialized Appearances Pigmentocracy, Brown Bag Tests, and Comb Tests "Invisible People"(1991) NYC Dept. Consumer Affairs Hair and Skin Color Preferences among Blacks Cosmetic Surgery Preferences by Race and `Asian' Double Eyelid Surgery The WhiteOut Effect ...
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