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LN4-SPIMtrace_ans - 1 With reference to the SMIPS diagram...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. With reference to the SMIPS diagram presented in class, a. What are the two types of addresses that go to the MAR? Which instructions/events generate them? Which components calculate them? INSTRUCTION: JUMP, BRANCH and PC+4 (after all other instructions) Calculated by circuits on lhs of architecture. DATA: lw and sw Calculated by ALU b. What type of information goes through MUX E? INSTRUCTION ADDRESSES Which instructions use the information in the following lines, and where does it come from? INSTRUCTIONS AND DATA [0] PC+4 [1] jumps and branches 2. With reference to the SMIPS diagram presented in class, complete the following description of the instruction add $t3,$t2,$t1 1. The __OPCODE_____ goes from IR to control. 2. Registers $t2 and $t1 are designated and their contents go through wires F and G to the _ALU. 3. The ALU calculates the sum of $t2 and $t1. 4. The result of this calculation is 14. It goes through MUXes D and B, and is put in register $t3. Page 1 of 1 ...
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