AssignmentsWeek4 - Memo To: Bebe Lloyd From: Rachael Blake,...

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To: Bebe Lloyd From: Rachael Blake, Juan Castellanos, Kaleka Greene, and Ryan Ramirez Date: 07:01:08 Re: Important cultural aspects of business in Italy! As you have requested on July 23, 2010, this report outlines the results of our research into the change of culture from the United States to Italy. Throughout the week, we have been researching left and right what is and what isn’t appropriate in the foreign country. Topics such as: Different communication styles, proper business attire, attitudes towards gender roles (if any), meanings of hand gestures and colors, meetings and the team work structure within Italy have been touched upon. Below is a quick review of what we have learned: Forms of Communication Excellent communication is effusive and fluent and Italians speak a lot. In order to convey a strongly felt point, it is vital to use all means of public speaking to convince your listener. The pairing of visible emotion and loquacity can often be looked upon as unprofessional or even a form of aggression to other cultures; however Italy thinks a little different. The capability of mixing these two factors creates a key management tool that enables you to turn towards theatricality and creates a heavy manager’s armory. Meeting and Greeting Body gestures are very important, do not point with your index finger and pinky finger at the same time, this gesture is known as “La Coma” and it’s considered extremely vulgar. While Greeting others, do shake hands upon meeting someone and use titles and surnames. Use “Signore” for Mr. 1
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AssignmentsWeek4 - Memo To: Bebe Lloyd From: Rachael Blake,...

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