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11 14 17 20 23 solution 7 the correct answer is 8 or

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Unformatted text preview: 2xy + y2 = 17 Since xy = 3, x2 + 2(3) + y2 = 17 x2 + 6 + y2 = 17 x2 + y2 = 11 Student-Produced Responses test your ability to solve mathematical problems when no choices are offered. Example: 1 On a map having a scale of 4 inch = 20 miles, how many inches should there be between towns that are 70 miles apart? 11 14 17 20 23 Solution: 7 The correct answer is 8 or .875, depending upon whether you choose to solve the problem using fractions or decimals. x About the SAT Using fractions Using decimals .25 x = 20 70 20 x = 17.5 x = .875 x 20 70 70 20 x = 4 70 1 7 x= = 4 20 8 = 1 4 HOW TO USE THE ANSWER GRID The answer grid for student-produced response (grid-ins) questions is similar to the grid used for your zip code on the personal information section of your answer sheet. An example of the answer grid is shown below. The open spaces above the grid are for you to write in the numerical value of your answer. The first row of ovals has only two ovals in the middle with a “/”. These allow you to enter numbers in fractional form. Since a fraction must have both a numerator and a denominator, it is not possible that the leftmost or rightmost positions could have a “/”. To protect you from yourself, there are no “/s” in those positions. The next row has decimal points. The horizontal bar separates the fraction lines and decimal points from the digits 0 to 9. Record your answers to grid-in questions according to the rules that follow. GRID RULES 1. Write your answer in the boxes at the top of the grid. Technically this isn’t required by the SAT. Realistically, it gives you something to follow as you fill in the ovals. Do it—it will help you. 2. Mark the bubbles that correspond to the answer you entered in the boxes. Mark one bubble per column. The machine that scores the test can only read the bubbles, so if you don’t fill them in, you won’t get credit. Just entering your answer in the boxes is not enough. About the SAT xi 3. St...
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