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20 a box the rate of discount is a 20 b 25 c 30 d

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Unformatted text preview: sh, how much can Josh save by buying this set during the sale for cash? (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) 5. $24.36 $24.80 $17.20 $24.20 $23.20 2. Pam pays $6 for a sweater after receiving a discount of 25%. What was the marked price of the sweater? (A) $9 (B) $12 (C) $7 (D) $7.50 (E) $8 3. 90 Chapter 6 3. COMMISSION In order to inspire sales, many companies pay their salespeople a percentage of the money the salespeople bring in. This is called a commission. Example: Mr. Silver sells shoes at the Emporium, where he is paid $100 per week plus a 5% commission on all his sales. How much does he earn in a week in which his sales amount to $1840? Solution: Find 5% of $1840 and add this amount to $100. 1840 × .05 $92.00 + $100 = $192 Example: Audrey sells telephone order merchandise for a cosmetics company. She keeps 12% of all money collected. One month she was able to keep $108. How much did she forward to the cosmetics company? Solution: We must first find the total amount of her sales by asking: 108 is 12% of what number? 108 = .12x 10800 = 12x 900 = x If Audrey collected $900 and kept $108, she sent the company $792. Verbal Problems Involving Percent 91 Exercise 3 Work out each problem. Circle the letter that appears before your answer. 1. Janice receives a 6% commission for selling newspaper advertisements. If she sells 15 ads for $50 each, how much does she earn? (A) $30 (B) $40 (C) $45 (D) $18 (E) $450 Michael sells appliances and receives a salary of $125 per week plus a 5% commission on all sales over $750. How much does he earn in a week in which his sales amount to $2130? (A) $69 (B) $294 (C) $106.50 (D) $194 (E) $162.50 Mr. Rosen receives a salary of $100 per month plus a commission of 3% of his sales. What was the amount of his sales in a month in which he earned a total salary of $802? (A) $23,500 (B) $23,400 (C) $7800 (D) $7900 (E) $7700 4. Bobby sent $27 to the newspaper dealer for whom he delivers papers, after deducting his 10% commission. H...
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