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60 at this rate what is the cost of 10 apples a 175 b

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Unformatted text preview: ion that involves arithmetic computations. Remember, though, that the calculator is only a tool. It can help you avoid inaccuracies in computation, but it cannot take the place of understanding how to set up and solve a mathematical problem. Here is a sample problem for which a calculator would be useful: Example: The cost of two dozen apples is $3.60. At this rate, what is the cost of 10 apples? (A) $1.75 (B) $1.60 (C) $1.55 (D) $1.50 (E) $1.25 Solution: The correct answer is (D). Make a ratio of apples to dollars: apples 24 10 : = dollars 3.60 x 24 x = 36 36 = $1.50 x= 24 A calculator would be useful in solving this problem. Although the calculations are fairly simple, the calculator can improve your speed and accuracy. xiv About the SAT Here is a problem for which a calculator would not be useful: Example: Joshua travels a distance of d miles in t - 6 hours. At this rate, how many miles will he travel in t2 - 36 hours? (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Solution: The correct answer is (A). distance time d Joshua's rate = t−6 rate = To calculate his new distance, use distance = rate × time d2 Distance = (t − 36) t − 6 d = (t + 6)(t − 6) t − 6 = d (t + 6) This is an algebra problem. Using a calculator would not be helpful. d(t + 6) d(t - 6) d t+6 d t−6 t+6 d SCORING THE SAT Every correct answer is worth one point. If you leave an answer blank, you score no point. For incorrect answers to all verbal questions and to regular mathematics questions, you lose one-fourth of a point. For incorrect answers to quantitative comparisons, you lose one-third of a point. For incorrect answers to student-produced responses, there is no penalty. The penalties for wrong answers are intended to discourage random guessing. Regardless of the number of questions on the test, all SAT scores are reported on a scale of 200 to 800. The scores are based on the nonexperimental sections and are broken down into separate math and verbal scores. Five or six weeks after the exam, your scores will be...
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