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Instead of first finding the amount of discount by

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Unformatted text preview: ppliances for paying cash. How much will a microwave oven marked at $400 cost if payment is made in cash? Solution: We can find 25% or 4 of $400, which is $100, then subtract $100 from $400 to get a cash price of $300. The danger in this method is that the amount of discount, $100, is sure to be among the multiple-choice answers, as students often look for the first answer they get without bothering to finish the problem. It is safer, and easier, to realize that a 25% discount means 75% must be paid. 75% = 3 and 3 of $400 is $300. 4 4 1 Some problems deal with successive discounts. In such cases, the first discount is figured on the marked price, while the second discount is figured on the intermediate price. Example: Johnson’s Hardware Store is having a moving sale in which everything in the store is being marked down 20% with an additional 5% discount for paying cash. What will be the net cost of a toaster, paid with cash, marked at $25? Solution: The first discount is 20% or amount. 5 1 19 = off. · 20 = $19. The net price is $19. 100 20 20 1 4 . We then pay of $25 or $20. An additional 5% is given off this 5 5 Verbal Problems Involving Percent 89 Exercise 2 Work out each problem. Circle the letter that appears before your answer. 1. How much is saved by buying a freezer marked at $600 with a discount of 20% rather than one marked at $600 with a discount of 10% then 10%? (A) $6 (B) $8 (C) $10 (D) $12 (E) $20 Mr. Kaplan builds a home at a cost of $60,000. After pricing the home for sale by adding 25% of his expenses, he offers a discount of 20% to encourage sales. What did he make on the house? (A) $15,000 (B) $1500 (C) $0 (D) $5000 (E) $1200 Christmas cards are sold after Christmas for 90 cents a box instead of $1.20 a box. The rate of discount is (A) 20% (B) 25% (C) 30% (D) (E) 33 % 40% 1 3 4. A television set listed at $160 is offered at a 12 1 % discount during a storewide sale. If an 2 additional 3% is allowed on the net price for payment in ca...
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