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To answer the question you can solve for the since

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Unformatted text preview: e the common leg, whose length is 3 , is also the circle’s radius, the circle’s circumference must be 2π 3 . (B) By visual inspection, you can see that the maximum value of y is 2, and this value occurs only once in the set of y-values — when x = 0. Additional Geometry Topics, Data Analysis, and Probability 305 8. (B) Substitute the variable expression provided in each answer choice, in turn, for x in the function, and you’ll find that only choice (B) provides an expression that transforms the function into one whose graph matches the one in the figure: f(x + 1) = x + 1. To confirm that the line in the figure is in fact the graph of y = x + 1, substitute the two (x,y) pairs plotted along the line for x and y in the equation. The equation holds for both pairs: (3) = (2) + 1; (–2) = (–3) + 1. The correct answer is 25. The total number of bowlers in the league is 240, which is the total of the six numbers in the frequency column. The number of bowlers whose averages fall within the interval 161–200 is 60 (37 + 23). 60 These 60 bowlers account for 240 , or 25%, of the league’s bowlers. Exercise 1 1. (B) Since the figure shows a 45°-45°-90° triangle in which the length of one leg is known, you can easily apply either the sine or cosine function to determine the length of the hypotenuse. Applying the function sin45° = 2 , set the value of this function equal to 2 x opposite 7 hypotenuse , then solve for x: 2x 72 . = ; 2x = 7 2 ; x = 2 7 2 9. 2. (C) Since the figure shows a 30°-60°-90° 10. (C) In the scatter plot, B and D are further to the left and further up than all of the other three points (A, C, and E), which means that City B and City D receive less rainfall but higher temperatures than any of the other three cities. Statement (C) provides an accurate general statement, based on this information. 11. (D) Of six marbles altogether, two are blue. Hence, the chances of drawing a blue marble are 2 in 6, or 1 in 3, which can be e...
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