New SAT Math Workbook

New SAT Math Workbook

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Unformatted text preview: lars. The charge, in cents, for 1000 miles at c cents per mile is 1000c cents. To change this to dollars, we divide by 100 and get 10c dollars. Therefore, the total cost in dollars is 5D + 10c. (B) The cost for the first 3 minutes is c cents. The number of additional minutes is (d – 3) and the cost at m cents for each additional minute is thus m(d – 3) or md – 3m. Therefore, the total cost is c + md – 3m. The sales tax is 100 ⋅ D or 100 . mD Therefore, the total cost is D + 100 . m mD 9. 5. (E) There are 60 minutes in an hour. In h hours there are 60h minutes. With m additional minutes, the total is 60h + m. 10. (C) 140 Chapter 9 Exercise 1 1. (B) There are 7 days in a week. w weeks contain 7w days. With w additional days, the total number of days is 8w. (A) The charge is D dollars for car and driver. Retest 1. (A) The total number of boys and girls is b + b+g . t g. Since there are t teachers, and thus t classes, the number of students in each class is 2. The three additional persons pay m cents each, for a total of 3m cents. To change this to dollars, divide by 100, for a total of 100 dollars. This can be written in decimal form as .03m. The total charge in dollars is then D + .03m. 3. (A) This can be solved by a proportion, comparing gallons to dollars. gr = mx gx = mr mr x= g 2. 3m (C) The cost, in dollars, of b books at D dollars each is bD dollars. To change this to cents, we multiply by 100 and get 100bD cents. The cost of r books at c cents each is rc cents. Therefore, the total cost, in cents, is 100bD + rc. (D) In y yards there are 3y feet. In i inches i there are 12 feet. Therefore, the total number i of feet is 3y + f + 12 . (B) The money earned by b men at D dollars 1 3. 4. per week is bD dollars. The number of men remaining is (m – b), and since they earn 2 D dollars per week, the money they earn is 1 1 1 D(m – b) = 2 mD – 2 bD. Therefore, the 2 1 1 total amount earned is bD + 2 mD – 2 bD = 1 1 1 bD + 2 mD = 2 D(b + m). 2 4. (E) In n nickels, there are 5n cen...
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