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Unformatted text preview: odel year, which of the following most closely approximates the percent that were standard models? (A) 24% (B) 36% (C) 41% (D) 59% (E) 68% Solution: The correct answer is (D). The total number of units sold to institutions = (3.6 + 8.5 + 1.9) + (1.7 + 4.9 + 2.2) = 22.8. The number of these units that were standard models = (8.5 + 4.9) = 13.4. To answer the question, divide 13.4 by 22.8 (round off the quotient): 22.8 ÷ 13.4 ≈ .59, or 59%. Additional Geometry Topics, Data Analysis, and Probability 293 Example (Pie Graph): Based on the data shown above, the combined area of Unit B and Unit D is approximately (A) 51,000 square feet (B) 57,500 square feet (C) 70,000 square feet (D) 74,500 square feet (E) 108,000 square feet Solution: The correct answer is (D). The size of Unit B is 42% of 140,000 square feet, or about 59,000 square feet. Thus, the combined size of Unit B and Unit D is approximately 74,500 square feet. Example (Line Chart): Referring to the graph above, approximately what was the greatest dollar amount by which the share price of ABC common stock exceeded the share price of XYZ common stock at the same time during year X? (A) $1.80 (B) $2.60 (C) $3.00 (D) $3.60 (E) It cannot be determined from the information given. 294 Chapter 16 Solution: The correct answer is (B). You’re looking for the point at which the dotted line (ABC’s stock price) is furthest above the solid line (XYZ’s stock price). The dotted line lies above the solid line only during the second half of the 2nd quarter and the first half of the 3rd quarter; the end of the 2nd quarter marks the greatest difference between prices during that period. At that time, ABC stock was priced at approximately $7.60, while XYZ stock was priced at approximately $5.00 per share. The difference between those two prices is $2.60. Example (Bar Graph): Referring to the data shown above, what is the approximate ratio of the average number of hours per week that the youngest age group spent watching entertainment to the average number of hours that the other two groups combined spent watching entertainment? (A) 3:4 (B) 1:1 (C) 6:5 (D) 5:3 (E) 5:2 Solution: The correct answe...
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