Concepts from Lecture 18

Concepts from Lecture 18 - Transcription, Translation,...

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Unformatted text preview: Transcription, Translation, Mutation Information flows from Genes ‐> transcripts ‐> proteins. The genetic code is made up by codons, 3 base pairs, that match to particular amino acids. There are 64 possible codons. 3 of them are stop codons. There is redundancy in the genetic code. Mutations in protein‐coding regions of genes This leads to possibility for some changes in codons to not change the amino acid. This is called a silent mutation. Single‐basepair mutations that change the amino acid are called missense mutations. Insertion and deletions mutations will cause frame shifts – this will disrupt the reading frame during translation of the protein causing a likely truncated or improper protein. However, Insertions and deletions that are of the multiple 3 will not cause as severe a problem as the reading frame will still be preserved. So indels of a length divisible by 3 will NOT cause frameshifts. Some mutagens (agents that cause mutations) include UV and X‐rays. Mutations can also occur naturally in the course of replication. ...
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