Lecture 01 Introduction 2010

Lecture 01 Introduction 2010 - LECTURE 1 - INTRODUCTION I....

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I. Course Structure A. Lecture Three lectures per week MWF 8:10-9 AM. Lectures contain material not in the textbook. Instructors: Dr. William Walton Office: Entomology Research Museum 206 Telephone: 951-827-3919 email: william.walton@ucr.edu Office hours: MWF 10-11 AM or by appointment. Dr. Jason Stajich Office: 1207K Genomics Building Telephone: 951-827- 2363 email: jason.stajich @ucr.edu Office hours: To be determined Academic Coordinator in Charge of the Laboratory: Dr. Michael Fugate Office: Spieth 3340 Telephone: 951-827-2647 email: michael.fugate@ucr.edu B. Laboratory Three hours of laboratory per week. Laboratory is required. You must attend labs, to be eligible to hand in subsequent reports based on particular laboratory exercises. You cannot make up labs unless you have a written excuse. The particulars regarding laboratory grading and assignments, and office locations and hours will be provided by the teaching assistant in charge of your laboratory section. There are no laboratories during the first week of the quarter! Students who do not attend the first laboratory session (in week 2) will be dropped from the course. C. Textbooks Biology , 8th edition, by Campbell and Reece. The text was used previously in courses of the Biology 5 series. Laboratory Manual for Biology 5C: Introductory Evolution and Ecology . This is the lab manual for the course. It contains the laboratory schedule, laboratory exercises and other information pertinent to this course. The lab manual is available only through the class web site at http://ilearn.ucr.edu . 1
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Lecture 01 Introduction 2010 - LECTURE 1 - INTRODUCTION I....

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