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Concepts from Lecture 26

Concepts from Lecture 26 - ‐ Cenozoic(rise of mammals...

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3 Eons of length 2.1 billion years, 2 billion years, 0.5 billion years The most recent Eon (that we live in) has three Eras: Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic ‐ Paleozoic (modern animal phyla, colonization of land) ‐ Mesozoic (dinosaurs, first mammals, flowing plants, birds) ‐‐ Punctuated by a mass extinction at the beginning 250 Mya (Volcano in Siberia) ‐‐ and a mass extinction at the end by Meteor that hit near Yucatan peninsula (65 Mya) which lead to extinction of the dinousaurs
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Unformatted text preview: ‐ Cenozoic (rise of mammals) Primate and human evolution Lemurs represent earliest branch in the Primate phylogeny Study the relationships of the primates in the phylogeny on slide 20. Which species are the closest to humans (Chimps, Bonobos). The relationship between species is supported by both fossil evidence and molecular evidence (DNA). Chimps and human share common ancestor 7 Million years ago....
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