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BCH 100, Spring 2010 WH 8 6 points LECTURES 23, 24 and 25 due TUESDAY , June 1, 2010, 2 pm 1. (1 pt) The DNA sequence upstream from the transcriptional start in a prokaryotic operon, to which a negative control protein like the lac repressor or the trp repressor binds, is called the A. promoter B. enhancer C. activator D. operator E. none of the above 2. (1 pt) The structural motif that mediates dimerization of some transcription factors, with an alpha helix from each subunit participating in a coiled coil structure with hydrophobic interactions of aliphatic side chains at the interface between the 2 alpha helices in the dimer, is called a(n) _________________ motif. A. helix-turn-helix B. leucine zipper C. bromodomain D. zinc finger E. none of the above 3. (1 pt) The enzymes called “HATs” A. acetylate lysine residues in histone tails. B. methylate arginine residues in histone tails. C.
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