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Prosecution vs. Defense The differences between the defense counsel and the prosecutor are many; first I am going to talk about the prosecutor and what they do. The prosecutor’s job is to prove that a crime or crimes happened and show all of the evidence against the defendant. They will also call on witnesses like the arresting officer, people that might know the defendant, people that might have actually witnessed the crime or the defendant prior to the crime, ect. The prosecutors also have to acquire all the evidence that exist against the defendant and present them to the jury and judge. The prosecutors work for the state or county and they represent the people. The defense counsel is the one that stands next to the person
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Unformatted text preview: that is being accused (prosecuted) of a crime or in other words the defense counsel is defending the defendant. Also the defense counsel tries to make the defendant look innocent in the eyes of the jury or at least not guilty by a reasonable doubt. Another job that comes with the job of being the defense counsel is to disprove any evidence that the prosecutors gives against their client. The defense counsel works usually for themselves or a private business and of course they represent the one being prosecuted. References: David L. Counsel: Role of Counsel (no date) Retrieved August 14, 2010
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