Chapter 2 Study Guide - Chapter 2 Study Guide Why did...

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Chapter 2 Study Guide Why did English immigrants like Richard Frethorne come to Virginia? To seek fortune, health, and prosperity; not to his reach in England. Where was New France? Canada, above the Great Lakes. What was France’s source of wealth ion the New World? Furs and fish. How did the French form “partnerships” with the Indians? The Indians would catch beavers for the French, in return for knives, axes, etc. Why did the Indians welcome the French? Fur-trading partners and military allies. What discouraged French colonists? They did not want to go to Canada because it was far, cold winters, surprise Indian attacks, everyone had to be Catholic. What accounted for the Dutch becoming Europe’s leading economic power by 1600? Skilled craftsmen, banks, major center for world trade, Dutch East India Company. Where did the Dutch colonize in the New World? Albany What was the ethnic makeup of New Netherland? Dutch, German, French, English, Swedish, Portuguese, African, Calvinists, Lutherans, Quakers, Catholics, Jews, Muslims What did the Jamestown colonists hope for? Gold, passage to Asia. What three important developments occurred in Virginia in 1619?
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Chapter 2 Study Guide - Chapter 2 Study Guide Why did...

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