November 19 - -Even Lincoln, who does not like slavery,...

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Oregon -Migration begins around 1842 -Turns into a flood around 1845-1846 people -Migrants are white people from the East and North. -Migrating as families. -First thing they do when get there, is claim land. -Takes about three months to travel from Missouri or Illinois to Oregon. -Travel by wagon train. -Travel as a community Sectional Crisis -The issue of slavery polarized the country into war. -Almost divided country into two separate countries. -Concerns some of the basic ideas of our country -The issue is expansion of slavery -Geographical expansion of slavery -Numerical expansion of slavery -The expansion threatens these basic values -Sectional differences start to appear. -For Northerners, majority rules, free labor ideology -Free labor-you own your labor, wages, etc -Southerners see issue as minority rights -For Southerners, Property Rights -Slavery is wrong because it denies property. -Issue was expansion, not morality
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Unformatted text preview: -Even Lincoln, who does not like slavery, tolerates it but does not expand it. The Compromise of 1850-The issue is slavery-Wilmot Proviso-Never use slavery in any newly acquired area.-Election of 1848 Whigs vs Democrats Taylor Cass Southerner Northerner Popular Sovereignty-Cass-Let people who live in territories decide whether or not they will have slavery Northern Whigs are upset because Taylor is a Southern Slaveowner Free Soil Party-Van Buren Northerner-Now slavery in any new territory-Voters change voting behavior In north, vote for whig taylor, free soil vanburen, democrats cass In South, vote for taylor People put section in front of Taylor wins Troubles Compromised-California is seeking admission to U.S. as a free state, would off balance states-Stephen Douglas Everyone gets a little of what they want-Crisis postponed, not solved. Critical Election Theory Every 35 years, public mood shifts...
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November 19 - -Even Lincoln, who does not like slavery,...

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