October 8 - Tea and Coercion June 1772-Gaspey...

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Tea and Coercion June 1772-Gaspey Incident-Revenue Cutter Ship designed to catch smugglers Everyone in New England hated him Was trying to catch someone when boat got stuck Spent the night at someones house Ship burned down Noone said they knew anything about the incident Tea Act, 1773 Actually lowers tax on English Tea because colonists smuggled Dutch tea. Makes English tea cheaper than Dutch tea. Colonists are suspicious of this East India Company is only agent that can sell tea and nake profit, becomes monopoly Colonists realize even if tea is cheaper, they are confirming to England their right to tax them Boston Tea Party Protests in all other colonies work except in Massachusetts Boston doesn’t know what to do City of Correspondence calls a town meeting Virtually everyone in Boston show up
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Decide to ask Governor Hutchison one more time to no enforce tax Again says no Sam Adams says he thinks they’ve done all they can do They all file out of town meetings 50 colonists disguise as Indians and get on the ships with tea and dump out an equivalent
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October 8 - Tea and Coercion June 1772-Gaspey...

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